Who’s Taking International Assignments – and Why

Mercer recently published their 2012 Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices report, with responses from more than 750 multinational companies, identifies key obstacles that organizations and employees should consider when planning a successful overseas assignment, as well as demographic trends in the expatriate talent pool and the incentives that attract top-performing candidates with a global mindset.

“The majority of our survey respondents indicate that finding suitable candidates for international assignments is an important management concern,” says Anne Rossier-Renaud, Principal in Mercer’s global mobility business. “Many companies do not have a clear selection process that would include assessing an employee’s suitability for an international assignment, whether at initial recruitment or upon assignment opportunity. Then, when qualified candidates are found, employers need to address potential obstacles to mobility, such as dual career and family issues, which may prevent candidates from accepting an international assignment.”

Who’s Taking International Assignments – and Why

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