Finding Accommodation in Ireland


Finding accommodation is perhaps the greatest worry when moving to a new country but be re-assured, Irishrelo will endeavor to find you the most suitable property to meet your needs. In Ireland there is no such thing as a multiple listing service so if you are doing your own research before you arrive you can use the following websites to check the rental market. Please be ad- vised that guidance is required when selecting a suitable property in a new country. Also be aware that some of the listed properties may no longer be available on arrival as property demand in Ireland is currently very high. For further information and assistance on accommodation in Ireland contact

Furnished housing, whether apartments or houses, is much easier to find than unfurnished. When you rent, your landlord will provide you with a written en
lease/contract that will most likely include the following terms:

  • Amount of rent, how and when it is to be paid
  • Term of the rental
  • Relevant names, addresses of landlord, tenant, agent
  • An inventory of the property
  • Statement of basic rights of landlord and tenant

Documents you need to rent a property: 

  • Form of Identification
  • Letter from employer
  • Reference from previous employer

Property Types

Irish properties come in the following forms. A Detached house is not connected to any other building. A Semidetached house is one that is joined to another similar house on only one side. A Bungalow is a house that usually has only one storey (= level), sometimes with a smaller upper storey set in the roof.


Utilities You are Responsible for

When you rent a house you may be responsible for standard utility costs such as, Electricity, Oil or Gas for heating, Phone, Broadband and TV services, Refuse collection, Water Charges and having a Television License.


Private Residential Tenancy Board(PRTB)

As a statutory body, the PRTB has been responsible for the opera on of a national registration system for all private residential tenancies and for providing a more timely and cost effective dispute resolution service, as well as disseminating information, carrying out research and offering policy advice regarding the rental housing sector. Tenants can get support from the PRTB in the event that they are unable to resolve issues directly with their landlords.


National Rental Price

Over the last 10 years, has collected a vast amount of data on the Irish property market. In 2015, rents continued to increase steadily, and it looks as if 2016 will be no different. The following is a snapshot of rental price % changes over the last year and the average rental costs by county.






















Key Property Information Websites

There are a number of key websites that will be useful to anyone looking to find a place to live in Ireland. Many of these offer a registration and notification service so that you get updates on properties that you may be interested in.  In additional to these sites, our Relocation Counsellors always recommend checking out the main social media channels and other online forums.











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