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    It’s farcical to compare Dublin rents with London

    A report this week revealed that the average monthly rent is €1,784 on the south side of Dublin city, €1,690 in the city centre and €1,553 north of the Liffey. South Dublin is now dearer than parts of London for rental property,it was suggested. Not in my experience, says Dan Fitzpatrick, who compares his foray […]

  • Expatriate Partners Should Not Be Ignored

    The success of an international assignment often rests on how well the expatriate partner integrates into the new culture and way of life. As the number of expatriates increases, there is a growing concern that not enough is being done to support expatriate partners – both female and male  – to avoid a failed assignment […]

  • The Return Home: How Companies Are Letting Expatriates Down

    There is a contradiction in Global Mobility programmes around the world. More and more organisations are using international assignments as part of the essential developmental experience of valued talent; however, when the talent has gained the skills they lacked through an assignment, organisations end their relocation support. Post-assignment attrition is still growing: E&Y put it […]

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    Irishrelo Housing report Q2 2017

    GROWING SCAMS IN THERENTAL MARKET Tenants looking to rent accommodation are being warned to beware of scam artists who are asking for rent to be transferred before the property has even been viewed. Download our report below to find out more… [download id=”3896″]

  • Property Report Q1 2017

    Irishrelo Irish Property Report Q1 2017

    We are delighted to publish our latest Irish Housing Report for Q1 2017 The report confirms steady increases in prices across the country. It also highlights the government initiatives to try and tackle the housing crisis, with affordability becoming even more of an issue across the board. Download your copy of the full report by […]

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    Irishrelo Housing Report December 2016

      Irishrelo Housing Report December 2016 Below is our last quarterly housing report of 2016. In this report we have added some additional commentary about why corporates are moving to Ireland as well as focusing on the housing market. If you have had the opportunity to read one of our previous reports, you’ll know, housing in […]

  • Finding Accommodation in Ireland

    Finding accommodation is perhaps the greatest worry when moving to a new country but be re-assured, Irishrelo will endeavor to find you the most suitable property to meet your needs. In Ireland there is no such thing as a multiple listing service so if you are doing your own research before you arrive you can […]

  • Irishrelo awarded EuRA Certification

    “Irishrelo is now fully accredited with the EuRA Global Quality Standard until March 2018 – a standard we’ve held since 2008. This is great testimony to the dedication and commitment of the team at Irishrelo and we’re extremely proud.” Patrick Oman, Joint Chief Executive  

  • Irish Visa and Immigration requirements

    Irish Visa and Immigration Requirements

    Irish Visa and Immigration Requirements Having the correct documents with you is an absolute necessity and will make your life much easier. You should carry the originals with you and keep copies in a secure place in your home country. The first step of your relocation preparation should be to gather up the following paperwork: […]

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    Living In Ireland – Landscape and Climate

    Living In Ireland- Landscape and Climate Our Living in Ireland Guide contains lots of useful information for both assignees relocating to Ireland, and HR Managers responsible for managing and supporting the relocation process. Over the coming weeks and months the Living in Ireland Series of articles will provide a host of insights into the many […]

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    Irishrelo Quarterly Irish Rental Market Guide- Q4 2015

    The latest copy of the the Irishrelo Quarterly Irish Rental Market Guide has now been published and is available for download by clicking the link below. Quite a considerable amount has happened in the rental market over the last few months. Rents have risen throughout Ireland and partcicularily so in Dublin and commuter counties, close to […]

  • Sean Gallagher talks to Paul Coy, Irish Independent Irishrelo article,

    Relocation, relocation, relocation

    In a recent article in the Sunday Independent, Paul Coy tells Sean Gallagher how he and his colleagues in Irishrelo have become specialists in helping new multinational staff settle in Ireland. “’When foreign companies wish to bring in specialist staff or managers into Ireland, we sort out absolutely everything they need around moving and settling […]