Packing Services

How your belongings are packed can impact the entire outcome of your move. Trust the moving experts at IrishRelo to plan, pack, and protect your items for the journey ahead.

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, your belongings need to have the proper protection to make sure they arrive at your new location safely. When you work with IrishRelo, we start every move by understanding your needs and determining what packaging materials will be needed.

Before your moving date, our team will arrive at your home to pack as much of your belongings as you need. We’ll make sure everything is packed efficiently and has enough space to weather any bumps along the way.

Have something fragile or an item that won’t fit in a box? Our team can custom build bespoke crates to fit your items so that they have the right protection for your move.

Packing With a Purpose

At IrishRelo, we show our dedication to the environment through our packaging materials. We only work with purpose-made boxes that are made of recycled material. Once your move is complete and all your belonging are settled in your home, we take the single-use boxes to local recycling centers where they can be disposed of properly, or set aside boxes that can be used again in the future.

Why Work With IrishRelo?

When you choose our team as your partner for your move, you work with one team throughout the entire process. We own and operate our entire intra-European fleet, which not only gives you peace of mind that your belongings won’t be changing hands throughout their journey but also allows us to provide our services at a better cost to you.

Have a lot of stuff? No problem! We can swap out the bodies of our fleet vehicles to make sure that everything you own can make the trip to your new destination. Our experienced crews speak English, and we do not subcontract. Our full-time team of moving experts is dedicated and passionate toward helping your move be as successful as possible.

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