International Move Management Services

  • Move Management

    Irishrelo will provide home-to-home moving and temporary storage services in accordance with the Enterprise Ireland policy and will ensure that the assignee and their household items arrive in the host location as close together as possible.
    The goal of the move management programme is to ensure that the assignee’s personal belongings are carefully moved to their new home in the destination country.

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    Whether you are relocating to Ireland or across the world, our international relocation team has the experience to take care of every little detail. Our Move Management service provides all that you need to move your home and family without the usual stress this can involve. Check out our video to see how international moving should be done.

  • The moving service provided by Irishrelo is a key service in relocating a assignee internationally. Irishrelo looks after everything and we provide a turn-key ‘door-to-door’ service i.e. everything is left unpacked and in its correct place at destination. The service includes:

    SERVICE BENEFITS: Moving is a stressful time for the assignee and their family. Irishrelo provides a single point of contact for moving and relocation services reduces duplication of paperwork and resultant assignee stress. For example, copy passports are required for customs clearance and also for rental lease set up. The other benefit is that moving, particularly to a new country, can be a more comfortable experience by having familiar possessions around you.

  • Description:

    • Contact with the assignee to arrange a convenient time to complete a pre-move survey.
    • Pre-move survey is completed to determine volume / weight of goods.
    • Scheduling of the moving service to ensure delivery as close as possible to the arrival of the assignee and the commencement of the rental lease for their new home.
    • Insurance Valued Inventory completed by assignee and issued to Irishrelo to arrange insurance cover.
    • Arranging temporary storage services at origin or destination.
    • Moving services are implemented to FAIM Accredited Quality Standards as follows:
      – dismantling of furniture items
      – provision of packing materials
      – packing of all items with extra special attention on fragile/breakable items
      – preparation of a detailed Inventory/Packing List with condition report for all items packed with an individual reference number on each item/carton
      – A copy of the inventory/packing list is signed by moving crew foreman and also by the assignee, who receives a copy of the inventory/packing list for their file
      – Preparation of the shipment for road/sea/air freight
      – Shipment and customs clearance, if required, at destination.
      – Delivery at destination to coincide with the commencement of the rental lease for the assignee’s new home
      – Unpacking and reassembly at destination
      – Set up and positioning of all items
      – Removal of all waste packing materials
      – Review of the complete service with assignee to ensure that they are 100% satisfied
      – Completion of a Quality Survey

  • Pre-move survey

  • Description:

    • to determine requirements, weight and volume.

  • Scheduling of the moving service

  • Description:

    • to ensure delivery as close as possible to the arrival of the transferee and commencement of their rental lease.

  • Export packing, loading, crating, preparation for shipment

  • Description:

    • to ensure everything is expertly packed, protected and ready for shipment.

  • Shipment by air, sea or road

  • Description:

    • Shipment mode is determined by urgency of shipment, origin and destination and budget.

  • Customs clearance

  • Description:

    • Completion of all customs forms in accordance with customs regulations.

  • Delivery, unpacking and placement of furniture

  • Description:

    • This is a turn-key service, all items are unpacked, reassembly and positioned as required by the shipper.

  • All-risks transit insurance

  • Description:

    • Comprehensive insurance cover is available to cover loss, theft or damage during transit.

  • Storage – long and short term

  • Description:

    • Storage locations worldwide.
    • Storage for items not being shipment from the origin location.
    • Storage at destination if the new home is not ready.
    • Storage of cars, motorbikes, boats etc for seasonal usage.

  • Car shipment

  • Description:

    • Preparation of cars in advance of shipment.
    • Securing in advance of sea shipment.
    • Customs regulations.
    • Reregistration of cars at destination.

  • Pet shipment

  • Description:

    • Advice in advance of shipment in relation to regulations and preparation for shipment.
    • Airfreight service.

  • Handyman service

  • Description:

    • Disassembly of larger furniture items prior to shipment.
    • Reassembly of furniture items at destination.

  • Cleaning service

  • Description:

    • Cleaning of the property at origin after move out and prior to hand over to landlord/new owner.
    • Cleaning of new home at destination after move in.