Visa and Immigration

  • Visa and Immigration

    Irishrelo aims to ensure that all secondees get to their desired destinations – on time and in compliance with local immigration laws and regulations.

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  • Work Permit Employment Permits are the primary vehicle used to attract 3rd country nationals for occupations which are experiencing a labour or skills shortage.

    Short term work permission – This is for up to a maximum stay of 90 day. This is called an Atypical Visa and it allows non EU employees of companies to enter the State and work in the offices locally or on projects. This is good option for short term visit as the employee is not required to complete immigration or social security registration (PPS) on coming into Ireland.

    Work permits – for a non EU employee to work in the State for over 90 days, employers will need to apply for a work permit Intra Company Transfer or Green Card. In addition to the application the employee will need to register with immigration and apply for social security registration (PPS).

    Green Card permits are employment permits for most occupations with annual remuneration of over €60,000 or certain occupations where there are skill shortages

    Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permits are designed to facilitate the transfer of senior management, key personnel or trainees who are foreign nationals from an overseas branch of a multinational corporation to its Irish branch

    Irishrelo offer advice and assistance in securing work permits and visas.

  • Description:

    • Review the visa strategy on a case by case basis
    • Gather and review all the related documents
    • Prepare each case on an individual basis in a timely manner
    • Liaise with your employee and their family to outline the process and to ensure their comfort level with the strategy
    • Communicate directly with your foreign office to discuss process and their role
    • Consult with in-country partner/expert to ensure 100% accurate visa strategy
    • Hand-hold each stakeholder resulting in a better visa experience and a satisfied employee